About Us

Mr. Jogendra Yadav

(Founder & Chairman)

The Chairman Speaks.......

“Atitude is a Little thing that makes a big difference”

A man dreams to fly high and high in the vision of their career to achieve the aim  and goal with proper an appropriate guidelines and guidance under secured patronage and aegis. Each person  bears a lot of qualities within themself but they are unaware of that. One has to carve it in a good requisite an prosperous shapes.  One has to gain the success by diving in to the depth of knowledge. AIAT one of your at most guide to enhance your prosperous carrier in the field of Aviation and foreign  language,  so that you can achieve your goal. You already have talents but only its carving and shaping  is needed, whicH AIAT does better by the gems of faculty. Hence, make your dreamtrue and join us Wishing you a merry and prosperous future career…

“Hard Work & Perseverance Will Peak the mount”